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Enzymar Botanical Products

Wound Cleansing and Care System

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Natural Wound Care Scrub
The base cleansing solution used to safely cleanse skin afflictions. By using the Enzymar Natural Wound Care Scrub (soap solution) at the beginning of the treatment will remove debris, dirt and secretions from grossly infected wounds.
Natural Cosmetic Wound Care Solution
A nutritional supplement that promotes the healing of skin afflictions. By spraying Enzymar Cosmetic Wound Care Solution on a wound it helps promote healing and maintaining a clean wound, while keeping a low bacterial count. This helps prevent wounds from becoming infected and/or helping remove infections already present.
Natural Skin Care Lotion
For maintaining healthy skin and preventing infections, sores, ulcers and other skin afflictions. Applying the Enzymar Natural Skin Care Lotion in the crusted final stage of the healing process helps to maintain a moisturized and clean skin.
Complete Natural Skin Care Kit
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For cleaning wounds, promoting healing and maintaining healthy skin while preventing infections, sores, ulcers and other skin afflictions. This kit contains 1 bottle each of the Enzymar Botanical Products. No matter what the situation you will be ready to take care of your skin.
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10 Reasons to use Enzymar Botanical Products

1. Enzymar doesn't harm your healthy cells.
2. Helps promote wound healing.
3. Can be obtained OVER-THE-COUNTER
4. Easy to use by the patient.
5. Very affordable.
6. Works as a 3 in 1 solution.
7. Clear color doesn't mask or stain wounds.
8. Contains no preservatives, synthetic chemicals or antibiotics
9. Does not promote bacterial resistance.
10. ENZYMAR Botanical Products work.